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31 Products That’ll Make You Sing, “Oh My My My, I’ve Waited All My Life”

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Best Acne Patch

  1. Nearly invisible hydrocolloid HanHoo Blemish Patches to speed up the healing process of inflamed pimples, defeat those suckers, and protect them from both outside bacteria and yourself (no picking!!!) — they're truly a STEAL, ladies and gents!

Each pack of 36 patches come with 18 10mm and 18 12mm patches!

Promising review: "I have to say, I’ve tried it all. From drugstores to department stores, there hasn’t been one single spot acne treatment I haven’t tried. I gave these a go after reading a BuzzFeed article and I’m so glad I did. There are two sizes of patches that you peel off and apply to a surfaced acne spot, leave on overnight, and by morning the spot is either gone, or not as apparent as before. Definitely something I’ll continue to purchase." —Hannah Burt



Sarah Han



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