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Your everyday skincare routine just got easier. These three simple, but effective products make your skincare routine uncomplicated and improves your skin’s health.

The Hanhoo Men’s Blemish Collection protects the skin against acne-causing bacteria and hydrates the skin for a clean, healthy complexion. Formulated with naturally derived ingredients, this line helps ease irritation caused by shaving while boosting the skin’s moisture levels.

Why should I try this?

Finding a quick, easy skincare routine can be difficult if you don’t know where to start. Our new collection covers your daily essentials in a simple three-step routine that works to boost the health of your skin.

The collection is infused with natural ingredients including Bamboo, Sea Salt, and Tea Tree Extract to relieve sensitive skin and deliver hydration. This routine will help alleviate irritation from shaving, moisturize the skin, and protect against environmental pollutants for a fresh, healthy complexion.

Blemish Cleanser

Cleanse and prep the skin for a smoother shave and healthier skin 

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Blemish Moisturizer

Hydrate the skin to soothe irritation and protect the skin barrier

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Blemish Patch

Treat and protect razor cuts and blemishes from external irritants 

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Sea Salt


Tea Tree Extract


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