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Patch things up with your skin with a patch collection formulated to treat different types of blemishes. 

Not all skin concerns are the same, so treatment shouldn’t be either. Our Patch Collection includes a variety of patches to help alleviate dark spots, clogged pores, stubborn blemishes, and everything in between. This collection makes it easy to choose the right patch for you and promotes faster healing.

Why should I try this?

The Hanhoo Patch Collection contains ingredients well-suited to target multiple blemish types, including blind blemishes, irritated blemishes, dark spots, and so much more. Patches are extremely simple to incorporate into your skincare routine and help reduce the appearance of blemishes within hours.

A patch for every blemish type

EraZit Magnesium Patch

Minimize deep, angry zits with non-dissolving microneedles and skin-soothing Magnesium.

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Blemish Patch

A perfect solution for those angry and ready to pop blemishes

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Custom Blemish Patch

Target blemish clusters on the face and body with a customizable patch

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Soothing Blemish Patch

Soothes, repairs, and reduces inflammation of pre-stage, popped, and irritated blemishes. 

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Extra Strength Blemish Patch

Removes excess oil and dead skin to minimize hormonal, blind, and recurring blemishes.

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T-Zone Pore Patch

Extracts excess sebum from the t-zone area to minimize blackheads and shine. 

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Dark Spot Brightening Patch

Brightens, hydrates, and soothes the skin to help fade acne scars, dark spots, and sun spots. 

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On the Go Blemish Patch

 Treat blemishes with our cult favorite blemish patches in a portable, compact dispenser.

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How to properly apply a patch

1. Before application, cleanse and dry the affected area

2. Remove the patch from the protective film

3. Apply the patch over the blemish and gently press down

4. Leave for recommended time


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