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These Beat The Heat Foundations Are Fabulous Face Savers

Let’s face it (pun intended), makeup can literally melt off your skin in the heat and humidity of Summer. Foundations turn color, end up with breakthrough face shine, and can fade away. But I’ve found some fabulous face savers that won’t let you down no matter what the season from itCosmetics, Revlon ColorStay, and Maybelline SuperStay. These beat the heat and keep you looking beautiful. 

Time To Clean Up!

Fragrance Free Wipes

Whether you’re on the go, or just someone who doesn’t really like dealing with soap and water at the end of a long day, makeup removing wipes are a godsend.  They’re even better if they are $4 or less.

We love K-Beauty, and we love that Hanhoo Argan Oil makeup Removing Wipes with Vitamin C are good for all skin types. The wipes also have argan oil, rich in Vitamin A and E to help your skin, glow.

The packet of 15 gentle, fabric-like wipes are in the perfect purse size. These effectively whisk away makeup, leaving your skin refreshed and hydrated. 

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