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What Are the Benefits of Magnesium

What Are the Benefits of Magnesium

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When you think of Magnesium, you might first think of it as one of the vitamins in your daily supplement. While Magnesium is well known for its ability to boost heart and bone health, it also has some pretty useful benefits for the skin.


Benefits of Magnesium for the skin

When it comes to your skin, especially if you deal with acne, Magnesium can become a vital part of your skincare arsenal. As an acne-fighting ingredient, Magnesium:


          ☁️ soothes inflammation

          😌 calms redness

          🛡 boosts the skin barrier

🧲 absorbs excess oil

⚖️ balances pH level


Magnesium’s ability to soothe inflammation and redness and support the barrier is especially helpful in treating deep, angry-looking pimples.

Deep acne spots typically look like red, inflamed bumps on the skin that usually have no whitehead. If you have this type of pimple, it’s generally good practice that you don’t try to pop it. If you do, you risk pushing the oil and pus deeper in the skin and making the bump more painful and inflamed. And on top of that, trying to pop a deep pimple can damage the skin and leave you with a post-blemish acne scar.



While hydrocolloid patches help curb the urge to pop pimples, regular hydrocolloid patches may not be as helpful in minimizing pimples deep in the skin.


The blemish patch for deep pimples


To help with deep pimples, we added the EraZit Magnesium Microneedle Patch to our collection, made with Magnesium, Magnesium Oxide, and Hydrocolloid to better help diminish these types of blemishes. Given the acne-fighting benefits of Magnesium, we thought what better ingredient to help treat deep zits.

The Magnesium and Magnesium Oxide in the patch help treat inflamed pimples via anti-inflammatory and oil-absorbing properties. And, with its ability to balance the skin pH and boost the skin barrier Magnesium also supports the skin in healing the spot faster.

Also made with non-dissolving microneedles, the patch helps continuously deliver the acne-fighting benefits of Magnesium to deep, inflamed pimples to help minimize the size and redness of the spot.

As a star ingredient in all of our patches, now including the EraZit Magnesium Microneedle Patch, the hydrocolloid part of the patch works to absorb all the nasty gunk trapped in the pimple and creates a moist environment to speed up the healing time of the pimple.

If you find yourself with a big angry pimple (which for some reason always seems to pop up right before an important event), patch on the EraZit Magnesium Microneedle Patch to reduce the pimple’s size overnight.

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