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DIY full face patch

DIY full face patch

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Covering blemish clusters on your face can be a bit annoying if you have to patch up each one individually. If your acne tends to look like a connect the dots game on your skin, you don’t necessarily have to patch up each pimple one by one.

There are easier ways of handling blemish clusters without going through your whole Blemish Patch stash in one go. Like, take our Custom Blemish Patch, it’s one big patch that can cover multiple blemishes at once. And, while we may not have our very own full face patch, it’s pretty easy to DIY it with our existing Blemish Patch collection. Check out our tips below:


Cover cheeks with the Custom Blemish Patch

If you have cheek acne but don’t want to use multiple patches just to cover each individual pimple, you can use our Custom Blemish Patch to cover blemish clusters with a single patch. You can either use the Custom Blemish Patch as is or you can cut it up into any shape to adequately cover blemish clusters.


Cover the t-zone with the T-Zone Pore Patch

For those with an oily t-zone and/or blemishes along the t-zone, you can use the T-Zone Pore Patch to help absorb excess oil and pus from zits. While the T-Zone Pore Patch is an ideal shape for the nose, you can also use it to cover the forehead and chin area if needed. Plus the pack comes with small triangle patches to cover pesky pimples that pop up along the lips, eyebrows, and the corners of the nose.


Spot treat with the Blemish Patch

With the larger areas like the cheeks and t-zone covered, you can use any of our circular patches to spot treat rogue pimples or dark spots. Our patch collection has blemish patches for everything from blind pimples to acne scars/dark spots, so whatever kind of blemish you have, we got you covered.

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