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Do Pimple Patches Work On Blackheads?

Do Pimple Patches Work On Blackheads?

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Hydrocolloid blemish patches are pretty well known for their powerful pimple-fighting abilities. But, can blemish patches also help with other types of acne, like blackheads?

While blemish patches do seem to be miracle workers when it comes to pimples, they won’t necessarily pull out blackheads like you would see on a traditional pore strip. And, as a note, while pore strips may be pretty satisfying to use, they don’t necessarily stop blackheads from reappearing and they can sometimes be a bit irritating to the skin.


How do hydrocolloid patches help with blackheads?

Although hydrocolloid patches may not pull out blackheads directly, that doesn’t mean they don’t help. Since hydrocolloid absorbs gunk like pus and excess sebum, blemish patches can help reduce the amount of sebum on your skin. By absorbing the excess oil that can potentially clog up pores, hydrocolloid patches can help reduce the appearance of blackheads.

If you want to try out blemish patches for blackheads, the good news is you don’t have to cover your t-zone in a bunch of small circular patches. Hanhoo’s T-Zone Pore Patch is perfectly shaped to cover the nose, chin, and/or forehead.


How to best use the T-Zone Pore Patch:

Applying a pore patch is pretty straightforward but we do also have some tips on how to best use our T-Zone Pore Patch:

  1. Apply on clean, dry skin.

Whether you apply the patch right after cleansing the skin or as the last step of your routine, the important thing is to apply the patch to clean, dry skin. This means no product on the t-zone before applying so the patch adheres well to the skin.

So, if you’ve already completed your skincare routine but want to apply the T-Zone Pore Patch, just wipe off the area with a damp towel and wait for the skin to dry before applying.

  1. Apply the T-Zone Pore Patch overnight

Unless you don’t mind walking around during the day with the pore patch on, then you can easily apply the patch on before bed, leave it on overnight, and remove it in the morning.

  1. Use the patch on the whole t-zone (not just the nose)

If you deal with blackheads, then it’s likely that you may have them throughout the t-zone, and that includes the forehead and chin. All you have to do is turn the patch so it perfectly fits the forehead or chin.

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