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Travel-friendly skincare with Hanhoo

Travel-friendly skincare with Hanhoo

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While going on vacation to new destinations is an exciting experience, packing for that trip is definitely not (which explains why a lot of people tend to leave it to the last minute).

Deciding what clothes to pack is hard enough but having to pay attention to the specific requirements on liquids you can pack can be an even bigger headache. For one, you never know if you’ve packed enough of your liquids and if it’ll last you your whole trip, and for another if you over pack you may lose your skincare essentials to airport security.

Depending on how seriously you take your skin care, skipping on any steps in your routine can be a no go especially if you have skin concerns like acne or dry skin. And on top of that, it doesn’t help that some aspects of traveling can affect your skin causing some unwanted side effects or some extra unwelcome zits.


What does traveling do to your skin?

When you’ve traveled before, maybe you’ve noticed your skin isn’t doing too great. Whether it's the drying, cold air of the plane or if it's different eating habits (let’s be honest we kind of tend to eat whatever we want during a trip) our skin can go through some woes while traveling.

While some foods are too good to pass up on they may not agree with our skin leading to some new breakouts. Additionally, if your vacation requires quite a bit of traveling, keeping up your skincare routine may not be your first priority, and you might not even have the chance to get to it (like on 12+ hour flights).

And, if you have trouble sleeping and adjusting to a new time zone you end up losing out on much needed sleep which can affect your skin too. While beauty sleep is just a term, sleep is actually vital to your skin’s repair process. While you sleep your skin is able to rebuild collagen and repair itself. So, if your sleep is disrupted and you find yourself losing sleep, your skin doesn’t get the time it needs to repair.

All of these factors can also make certain skin conditions worse like acne. If you have acne-prone skin, you might see some extra breakouts and irritation. And, since you’re traveling we understand how annoying it can be to deal with, especially if you accidentally left behind some skincare or maybe didn’t pack enough of a spot treatment.


Traveling with Hanhoo

In efforts to make your traveling easier when it comes to skincare, you can conveniently pack up blemish patches without worrying about them getting confiscated.

Our blemish patches are great to travel with since they are one less liquid product you have to worry about. You can stick to our OG Blemish Patch (plus our other patches infused with ingredients like Salicylic Acid) or pack up the On the Go Blemish Patch for 108 patches in the palm of your hand.

This pimple spot treatment is easy to pack up in your makeup bag, back pack, or even in your pocket without worrying about any liquid leaking all over your stuff. And they take up practically no space at all.

To address dehydrated skin, you may have also seen the occasional traveler sheet masking on the plane. Given its low liquid content sheet masks are also really convenient to travel with and can help rehydrate the skin as you’re on the plane.

Our Blemish Mask packs a 1, 2 punch as it helps combat irritants that can cause acne and helps hydrate and restore the skin with the Tea Tree Oil and Panthenol enriched serum.


In Conclusion…

While the overall packing process can be stressful, a good practice to follow is to only pack the essentials like a cleanser, moisturizer, and SPF when it comes to your liquids. When it comes to spot treatment, luckily our blemish patches and Blemish Mask are easy to pack and take up no space.

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