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Niacinamide Benefits

Niacinamide Benefits

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With Niacinamide’s numerous benefits, it’s likely that you may have at least one skincare product in your routine that has this ingredient. As a versatile ingredient Niacinamide is in various skincare treatments like dark circle eye creams, oil-balancing moisturizers, dark spot and anti-aging treatments, and so much more.

Also referred to as Vitamin B3, Niacinamide is an ingredient that helps with skin concerns like discoloration, dry skin, aging skin, and is even known to help improve the look of large pores.

If you want to add this ingredient to your routine but are worried about how it will react with the rest of your skincare products, the good news is that Niacinamide plays well with most other skincare ingredients. So, you can add it in your routine without worrying too much about any unwanted side effects.


What are the benefits of Niacinamide?

As a powerhouse skincare ingredient Niacinamide has tons of benefits from helping fade dark spots to minimizing the appearance of large pores. Its ability to help with a number of skin concerns is the reason you see this ingredient in a couple of your own skincare products.

If you’re wondering whether you can use this ingredient in your routine, typically anyone can benefit from incorporating it into their routine. If you’re dealing with dry skin, dull skin, dark spots, oily skin, enlarged pores, or need to rebuild your skin barrier, Niacinamide can be a great ingredient to add to your arsenal.


🕳️ Helps improve the look of dark spots

👃Minimizes the look of large pores

⚖️Balances oil production

Refines the look of fine lines and wrinkles

🛡️Supports a healthy skin barrier

💧Moisturizes the skin


One thing to note, however, is that while Niacinamide can be used by all skin types, you may have to be careful with higher concentrations of Niacinamide in products to avoid irritation or redness. Generally, it's recommended to stick to products with a 2 to 5 percent concentration of Niacinamide to avoid irritating the skin.


Where can you find Niacinamide in Hanhoo products?

Niacinamide’s multiple benefits made it a no-brainer to feature as the star ingredient in our Dark Spot Brightening Patch.

Typical brightening ingredients, like some AHAs, may not be the best fit for all skin types especially if your skin can’t tolerate acids very well. As a well tolerated ingredient Niacinamide best suits all skin types and you don’t have to worry about drying side effects.

Our Dark Spot Brightening Patch is made with 2% Niacinamide that penetrates the skin through the painless self-dissolving microneedles. The microneedles help carry the ingredients including Niacinamide, Green Tea, and Hyaluronic Acid deep in the skin to help fade the dark spot from the source.

You can use the patch on dark spots, post-blemish marks, and sunspots to help improve the look of discoloration.


Our tips to use the Dark Spot Brightening Patch:


  1. Cleanse and dry the spot before applying the patch.

  2. Apply the patch and press down on the middle for 5 to 10 seconds.

  3. Leave on for 6 to 10 hours, or overnight.


And lastly, we recommend using one patch about every other day and using the patches for at least two weeks to see the best results.

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