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T-Zone Deep Dive

T-Zone Deep Dive

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Damaging pore strips are a thing of the past. With gentle pore patches, you can target oily skin and congested pores without the painful peel or the irritation.

Our T-Zone Pore Patch was created to help absorb oil and gunk from the skin without pulling or tugging on your skin. The patch adheres well to the skin without sticking too strongly making the peeling part of the experience a lot more comfortable.

What is the T-Zone Pore Patch made of?

Our t-zone patch is made with just one ingredient: hydrocolloid. Our non-medicated hydrocolloid T-Zone Pore Patch uses hydrocolloid to create a wound healing environment (to help treat pimples) and is known for its absorbent powers to suck up excess sebum (to minimize clogged pores). As a multifunctional ingredient, hydrocolloid:


 🪠 absorbs pus and oil

➕ boosts wound healing

😌 is gentle on the skin

⏰ can be kept on for 6-8 hours

💧 is non-drying and non-irritating


How to use:

Each T-Zone Pore Patch pack comes with 4 pore patches and 4 triangle patches. The pore patches are shaped to comfortably fit the nose, but can also be used on the forehead, chin, and even cheeks.

The small triangle patches can be used to provide extra coverage on the corners of the nose and can also cover and treat pimples around the lips and the eyebrows for better coverage than typical circle patches.

Here’s how to best use the T-Zone Pore Patch:


  1. Start by thoroughly cleansing the skin, then pat dry.
  2. Remove the patch from the protective film.
  3. Apply the patch anywhere on the t-zone.
  4. Leave on for 6 to 8 hours.
  5. Remove the patch and discard.


How does the patch affect pores?

The T-Zone Pore Patch helps to keep pores clean of excess sebum by absorbing the oil, which becomes visible on the patch itself. The hydrocolloid patch also helps absorb other gunk like pus to help minimize pimples on the t-zone area.

While you may not like the look of enlarged pores, it’s important to remember that you can’t actually get rid of pores nor can you shrink them. Pores are pretty vital in helping to moisturize the skin and to help expel toxins from the skin, so you definitely should not be looking to get rid of them. Although you may not be able to alter their size, you can help keep pores clean and minimize the appearance of large pores by getting rid of pore clogging elements like excess oil.

With pore strips being a bit too damaging to skin, hydrocolloid patches are a great alternative to keep pores clean without causing unnecessary damage.

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