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Other ways to use our products

Other ways to use our products

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Everyone likes a good life hack, like using peanut butter to remove gum from hair or making aloe vera ice cubes for extra relief on sunburned skin (and if you didn’t know now you know).

When it comes to Hanhoo skincare, there are actually more uses for products like our men’s line and our patches that you may not already know. So, here are some hacks for you to check out for some of our favorite Hanhoo products:

Hanhoo Men Blemish Cleanser

Aside from gently cleansing the skin and removing built up oil, dead skin cells, and sweat, the Men’s Cleanser can also be used to shave or dermaplane the face.

An important step in a shave routine is to make sure the skin is clean and free of any dead skin or oil to make sure you get a closer shave. You can use the Men’s Cleanser to cleanse the skin prior to shaving and also as an alternative to shave cream to get a clean, non-stripping shave.

Hanhoo Men Blemish Moisturizer

The Men’s Moisturizer not only helps keep the skin moisturized but can also be used as post-shave irritation relief to calm razor burn and rehydrate the skin.

With ingredients like Bamboo, Aloe, and Hyaluronic Acid, the Men’s Moisturizer helps strengthen the skin, hydrates the skin (to help with any post-shave dryness), and helps repair damaged skin.

Hanhoo Blemish Patches

While our blemish patches are great for reducing acne swelling from whitehead pimples, there are many more uses you can get from our patches.

The main ingredient in our blemish patches is hydrocolloid. Hydrocolloid is originally known for its use in medical settings to help absorb fluid from wounds and to boost wound healing. For this reason, hydrocolloid helps speed up the healing process of pimples since it can absorb gunk while creating a moist environment to help the spot heal.


These properties also make our blemish patches great for:

-        Bug bites

-        Minor razor cuts

-        Ingrown hair bumps


Bug Bites:

We all know how annoying, itchy, and painful bug bites can be. The itchiness also makes it pretty hard to keep your fingers from scratching at the spot. Applying a blemish patch helps curb the need to itch and also sucks up any fluids from the bite to help the swelling go down.

Our Men’s Blemish Patch and Soothing Blemish Patch have added ingredients like Aloe and Tea Tree Extract to help calm swelling and provide much needed relief to those itchy bites.


Minor Razor Cuts:

Whether you shave your legs or face, you may be all too familiar with razor cuts. And while a regular bandage is too big for those small cuts, you can opt for a blemish patch to help heal the cut once the bleeding has stopped.


Ingrown Hair Bumps:

If you tend to deal with pesky ingrown hair bumps, then you know that these bumps can sometimes look like pimples and can become filled with pus. In this instance, you can apply a blemish patch to help draw out the gunk from the ingrown hair bump to help the swelling go down. 

Pro-tip: If you’re dealing with multiple bikini bumps, you can use the Custom Blemish Patch to cover larger areas.

If you’ve discovered any other hacks for Hanhoo products let us know!

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