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Blemish Mask Biodegradable Process

Blemish Mask Biodegradable Process

3 minute read

While most single-use sheet masks go straight to the trash, our Blemish Mask can actually be decomposed right at home.

Made with 100% Bamboo fiber, our Blemish Mask can break down in something as simple as plant soil within a few weeks. So after a self-care session with our mask, you don’t have to throw it in the trash, simply plant it in the ground or in a planter with some plant soil to help break down the mask.

Check out our experiment below:


First off, we started with some pretty simple materials:

-        Planter

-        Plant soil

-        Pieces of plastic (large enough to cover the top of the planter)

-        Small shovel

-        Gardening gloves

And lastly, you’ll need the Blemish Mask.


First Step:

We started by filling up a planter with plant soil, using a small shovel and gardening gloves just to make the process a little less messy.


Second Step:

Then, we placed the Blemish Mask in the planter with the soil and covered up the Blemish Mask with a little more soil on top and watered the soil a bit to make sure the soil was not dry.


Third Step:

With small square pieces of plastic, we covered the top of the planter and secured the piece of plastic with a rubber band to help create a warm environment to help the sheet mask break down.

Pro-tip: Keeping the soil warm helps bacteria grow which then helps decompose the material you want to break down (in this case our Blemish Mask).


Fourth Step:

We placed the planter in a room with access to sunlight to help keep the planters warm.

We also made sure to continuously check on the planters and watered the soil anytime we noticed the soil had become too dry.



To keep track of the decomposition of the sheet mask, we observed the progress of the masks about every 10 days. As you can see in the images we took, the Blemish Mask gradually broke down as the weeks went by and by week 7 (day 43 of the test), the sheet mask was completely broken down in the plant soil. 

If you want to try this at home, you can follow the steps outlined above for your own little science experiment. Or, to make things easier, you can simply bury the sheet mask in your garden or any existing planters you may have.

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