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Best Order When Applying Skincare

Best Order When Applying Skincare

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With so many different types of skincare products including everything from cleansers to serums to moisturizers, it can be a little confusing on how you should layer all these products. And on top of that you have to be careful to not combine certain ingredients in the same routine.

Like take, Retinol for example. If you apply your Retinol at night and you don’t want to irritate your skin then you have to avoid pairing it with Vitamin C. Your morning skincare routine then may have a couple different steps compared to your night routine.

But, the good news is that with the basics down it shouldn’t be too hard to incorporate whatever new product you want to try out.


☀️Morning Routine


Step 1:

As the first step in your morning routine, you should start off with a cleanser. Remember, the type of cleanser you’ll want to use depends on your skin type. For example, if you have dry skin you might skip out on cleanser altogether or opt for a super gentle non-drying type.


Step 2:

After you’ve cleansed and dried your skin, you can apply your toner. While you may think that toners are all drying, that’s not really the case anymore. There are a ton of different kinds and some of which focus on hydrating the skin (like milky toners).


Step 3:

Once you’ve toned the skin, you can apply your blemish patches. If you deal with acne and blemish patches are a part of your skincare routine then they would typically fit in this step in your routine. It’s always best to apply patches before your moisturizer.


Step 4:

Lastly, you can apply your moisturizer followed by your SPF product.

A quick tip to follow if you have any more products you want to add in your morning routine is to apply your products from thinnest to thickest texture.


🌙 Night Routine


Step 1:

After a long day out and about, it’s important to start off with a cleanser or maybe 2. If you tend to wear makeup you can start with an oil based cleanser to get off all the makeup then follow up with your regular cleanser to make sure you got everything.


Step 2:

Then, you can follow up with a toner depending on the toner type. For example, if you are using a toner with acids then you’ll want to limit your use of the toner to once a day (or what’s recommended on the bottle).


Step 3:

At this point in your routine you can apply your blemish patches if you like using them overnight. With your skin dry and clean, apply the patch to any problem spots. Pro-tip: Apply the T-Zone Pore Patch overnight to wake up to a mattified t-zone.


Step 4:

With your patches in place, you can continue in your routine at this step with any serums, including your Retinol.


Step 5:

Lastly, you can wrap up your pm routine with your moisturizer of choice and/or a night mask.


In Conclusion…

Regardless of what your skincare routine looks like, if you are a little confused over where your blemish patches should fall in your routine, it’s usually always after your cleanser and toner.

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