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Doubling on patches

Doubling on patches

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When you wake up with a brand new pimple, you’re likely just hoping that the pimple doesn’t get any worse. You might even try to do your best to make sure that doesn’t happen, like exfoliate the spot, use a spot treatment, and even try popping that new pimple (which hopefully you won’t do).

If you’re lucky that pimple might just stay as a little red spot and go away, but realistically that pimple is probably going to get a bit worse before it gets better.

If you’ve tracked your pimple journey, it might go a couple different ways. Maybe the blemish will become a simple surface zit. Or maybe (and unfortunately), it’ll settle itself deep into the skin and become a painful blind pimple.

Regardless of what the pimple ends up looking like, it’s best to keep your hands off the spot. Constantly touching the blemish can spread bacteria from all the things you touch throughout the day straight to the zit. And, if you try popping a pimple, it’s probably not going to look pretty afterwards (think bleeding or swelling).

So, what exactly can you do with a pimple to best help it go away sooner rather than later (so you’re not tempted to just pop it)?


Early-stage pimples

Once you notice a new blemish, it might already start feeling a bit painful and irritated even if it hasn’t fully developed. To help combat the irritation, you can patch it up with the Soothing Blemish Patch.

Our Soothing Blemish Patch is infused with pimple-calming ingredients like Aloe Vera and Tea Tree Oil to help soothe the spot and keep it moisturized.



Whiteheads and blind pimples

If your early-stage pimple has now developed into a whitehead or a blind pimple, then you can apply a blemish patch with added ingredients that best help the pimple type.

For whiteheads, you can patch them up with our original Blemish Patch. Since these types of pimples typically have all the gunk at the surface our Blemish Patch can help pull out the gunk until the spot has flattened out.



But, if you’re dealing with a blind pimple, which typically doesn’t have all the gunk at the surface, you’ll want to patch it up with the Extra Strength Blemish Patch. Infused with Salicylic Acid, the Extra Strength Blemish Patch helps with the swelling that usually accompanies a blind pimple.



Post-blemish marks

Once a pimple is gone and healed, it doesn’t always completely go away. Sometimes, even if you haven’t popped a pimple you might be left with a post-blemish mark. They’ll typically be either a reddish or darker colored spot.

In this case, you can apply our Dark Spot Brightening Patch to help fade the look of post-blemish marks. Infused with Niacinamide and Hyaluronic Acid and made with over 160 microneedles, the Dark Spot Blemish Patch tackles red and dark spots left behind from a healed pimple.




While not all pimples are the same, some things to keep in mind for all types of blemishes is to:


🙅Keep your hands off the pimple

            🪡Don’t pop it

            🩹Spot treat with a blemish patch

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