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Introducing DermaFix Blemish Collection

Reach your skin’s greatest potential with a line created to get rid of blemishes without compromising your skin’s health. 

Hanhoo DermaFix Blemish Collection targets blemish prone skin and helps soothe and clear breakouts with natural derived ingredients while hydrating your skin for a beautiful and blemish free complexion!

Why Should I try this?

Creating this essential line, we kept you in mind: we want you to have the chance to enjoy life and allow you to feel your absolute best every day without worrying about blemishes.  If we are being honest, we naturally try to get rid of blemishes by popping them or using harsh products but in reality it can damage our skin permanently.

The new Hanhoo DermaFix Blemish Collection was developed to fight blemishes and help you deal with breakouts in a natural and easy way. This routine will help get rid of undesirable blemishes while preventing new ones from forming and maintaining a clear, hydrated complexion.

Our products are made with over 90% natural derived ingredients that help clear blemishes and soothe the skin, preventing scarring on the skin.


Follow the routine:

Why are we using these ingredients?

These products are made with over 90% natural derived ingredients to help soothe the skin without the side effects other products can cause. 

 In our formulation you can find:


You can use the products any time of the day alone or underneath makeup.  

Hanhoo DermaFix Blemish Collection will help clean and maintain your skin free of blemishes without drying and irritating your skin.

You can use Hanhoo DermaFix Blemish Collection as your skincare routine even after your skin clears from blemishes. 

There are little to no risks. Hanhoo DermaFix Blemish Collection is non-medicated, drug-free, and safe to use, unless you have an allergy to any of the ingredients in our formulas. 



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