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Microneedle Deep Dive

Microneedle Deep Dive

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Not all blemishes are the same. There are whiteheads, papules, blind pimples, acne scars, and a couple other types of blemishes that can pop up on your face and body.

Whitehead pimples (the poppable-looking zits) are typically on the surface and can “pop” with not too much effort, but blind pimples are quite the opposite. For one, blind pimples don’t have a visible white spot. And more importantly, you should not try popping this kind of pimple since it can cause more inflammation and potentially scar.

While whitehead pimples can be pretty easily taken care of with the use of hydrocolloid patches, blind pimples may not be as easily treated with typical pimple patches, hydrocolloid alone may not be the quickest way to tackle blind pimples.

For this reason, microneedle patches can be way more useful in combating blind pimples. Microneedle patches help reach the blemishes that are deep in the skin.


What are microneedles and how do they work?

Microneedles help reach a bit deeper in the skin in order to deliver blemish-fighting ingredients straight to the source. The more known microneedle patches are the self dissolving microneedle patches. Infused with skincare ingredients, the self-dissolving microneedles dissolve after a few hours and deliver ingredients straight to the source of the issue (whether it's a pimple or a dark spot).

Then there are the lesser known, but just as effective, non-dissolving microneedle patches. While self-dissolving microneedles eventually disappear as the needles dissolve into the skin and are completely gone by the time you peel off the patch, the non-dissolving microneedles do not dissolve into the skin.

Non-dissolving microneedles are ultra-thin and continuously deliver zit-fighting ingredients to the source. The typical hydrocolloid patches help suck up gunk from surface acne since the gunk is usually near the surface. However, when the pimple lies deep in the skin, regular pimple patches may not be as helpful. The non-dissolving microneedles help reach the spot at the source to diminish the size of the zit.


The microneedle patch for deep zits  

If you find yourself dealing with blind pimples, it’s important to leave the spot alone, which means no popping. Instead, you can apply a microneedle patch to better treat the below-the-surface pimple.

Our newest patch, the EraZit Magnesium Microneedle Patch, is made with non-dissolving Magnesium microneedles to directly target blind pimples. The microneedles help deliver Magnesium to the underground pimple to help calm redness, soothe irritation, and flatten the spot.


The microneedle patch for dark spots  

Picking at pimples can lead to acne scarring, and unfortunately sometimes even not picking at pimples may still lead to some form of hyperpigmentation. Since picking at pimples can cause dark spots once the pimple has healed, it is usually recommended to leave your pimples alone.

However, we know that sometimes you just can’t help it and you end up popping that pimple. In this case, you can use our Dark Spot Brightening Patch, with Niacinamide, Green Tea, and Hyaluronic Acid to treat the spot. The brightening and hydrating ingredients help fade discoloration from acne scarring via microneedles that dissolve in the skin to deliver the ingredients to the dark spot.


To wrap-up…


Whether dissolving or non-dissolving, the main point of microneedles is to help deliver skincare ingredients straight to the blemish. When dealing with a deep pimple, instead of trying to pop it, you can patch on EraZit Magnesium Microneedle Patch to better target the underground zit. And, if you end up with a dark spot or acne scar you can patch on the Dark Spot Brightening Patch to help fade the post-blemish mark.

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